Jacky Preys Fie Gris 2014

The grape is a bit of a mystery. Jacky Preys claims that his patch of ungrafted Fie Gris is a rare mutation of Sauvignon Blanc that occurred some time ago and at one point was much more widely planted in the Touraine. Others claim that it is the Sauvignon Gris clone of Sauvignon Blanc, referred to as Fie Gris by the people in the Loire. The vines are ungrafted because they are planted in a gravelly, sandy patch that is hostile to the creep of phylloxera. The result is an unusally pure expression of red fruited Sauvignon. Red currants, quince and grapefruit are in the aromas and flavors of this surprisingly powerful white.

Fie gris is an unusually good match with roasted peppers, eggplant, hummus and a lot of flavors we think of Mediterranean (olives, anyone)? It also handles milder proteins such as bass, chicken and pork. It shines as well with sushi.

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