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H2Vino is a Chicago based importer and wholesale distributor of fine wines from around the world specializing in artisan wines, a number of which are biodynamic, sustainable, organic or organically farmed. 

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Felline – Embrace The Unexpected

Thanks to their vibrant short film “Felline – Embrace the Unexpected,” viewers around the world can take a trip to the the Puglia-based vineyards of Felline and see the makings behind their championed Primitivo wines (three of which we have the pleasure of including in our H2Vino portfolio). The film follows a young woman as she finds herself stranded alongside a vacant road due to an issue with her car. There, she encounters a young man who helps her – however, she first must accompany him to the Felline fields to pick up crates of harvested Primitivo grapes for transport. While there, she (and the viewer) gets a brief education on Felline’s traditional red soil, harvesting process, and apparent commitment to warm hospitality.